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Aloha @ all :)

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Aloha @ all :)

Post by TheMurderersJaws »

First of all, a big thank you for continuing to provide us with a site and servers in argent and gold to continue playing our favorite game,sof2!
I would like to share with you the accusations of the S-admin Houseofpainballz that I cheat!!! First of all, I wonder why he has the S because he can’t even recognize a cheater... Anyway, we’re not here to discuss these skills... that he doesn’t have!
So for him, it is necessary to accuse me in front of the whole server of cheating!!! Supposedly a video of the PH server where I cheated! No need to remind certain that I’ve been playing sof2 for 20 years! I started playing this game before its release on the demo that was online for promotion with the map mp_shop!
To come back to this famous video, you can imagine, only one video in 20 years looool and I know it very well! What Mr Houseofpainballz does not seem to know is that to make a video by seeing people through the walls, it is the one who makes the video to a program for wh and not necessarily the one who plays! And of course, we see thousands of comments that accuse me of cheating looooool not to mention that I have never been banned from purpulhaze or any other server in 20 years!
But what scares me the most, apart from being called a cheater by a beginner, is that we entrust the S-admin to people who know absolutely nothing about sof2... and that’s not normal...:/ Peace to all and thank you for reading me! : )
P.S.: Shut up with the m4 GMAN, I was young!!! hahaha ;P And sry for my bad english,is traductor! :(
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