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Have your clan forum here!

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Have your clan forum here!

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Would you like to get a place to host your forums at? We'll provide you with a free forum section on our forum where you can manage your clan related discussions with a [MYCLAN] Group.

You are granted the following:
  • General Discussion
  • Join Us
  • Ban Appeal
  • Report a Player
  • Clan Chat (Private)
  • Admin Chat (Private)
  • Leadership Chat (Private)
[MYCLAN] Groups:
  • Member
  • Admin
  • Leader
Affiliate your clan!
Make a post that answers the following questions:
What is the Clan Name?
What is the Clan Tag?
Who are the leaders of the clan?
Why would you have your forum hosted by us?
Where did you hear from us?

In case you want to utilize the free custom categories:
List the category names and permissions (public, member+ only, admin+ only, leader only)

We will currently not allowed over 3 custom categories, but this may be changed to a paid feature in the future.
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